Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 14 Acts 16 & 17

Making the most of my Sunday by doing two more acts of kindness.

Act 16 was filling a backpack with school supplies for Freedom Youth.  This was for a school supply drive organized by our church. 

Once again I received help from my one of my helpers! She was actually a busy girl, keeping up with Mom today. 

Dropping it off at church. Notice her tattooed arms? We had to put on every tattoo she received the day prior at Ankeny Summerfest. She cracks me up!

Act 17 was presents for some deserving friends! 

I have the privilege of knowing a lot of brave, kind and caring people, but let me tell you about a Mom, daughter, and son that I think is one of the bravest of all. Their names are Brenda, Andrea and Sal! 

I went to high school with Brenda and with the technology of Facebook, I have been able to keep up with all of the happenings of her life.  She is an amazing mom to her two children.  In honor of her daughter, Andrea, that was diagnosed at a young age with infantile spasms, she is working especially hard right now trying to raise money to have an all inclusive playground built in Grimes, Iowa.  Please see the following links below to read Andrea's full story.  She is so beautiful and such a brave little girl.



Since they are all working so hard right now to make a difference for others, I thought it was important that they receive some well deserved gifts.

Here is information about the fundraiser Brenda and her family are working on to raise money for the playground.  If you are in the Grimes area the first weekend in August, please stop by!


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