Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 2 acts 2 & 3

Today was a fun day! I had the day off work so it was a good day for a two-fer. With the assistance of my helper, soon to 11 year old son Andrew, we were able to pull off acts two and three with sweet success! 

For #2 it was another trip to the flower store to buy flowers for our neighbors. Pretty sure we have some of the best neighbors on the planet!  They are always  willing to lend a hand whenever needed and always know that we can trust them to keep an eye on things while we are out of town! They are the absolute best! 

Act #3 was a fun one as well! Andrew and I dropped off a jar full of hugs for a special lady from our church.  Her name is Jen and she might be the worlds best hugger! Every time she sees us whether it be at church, or out and about, she always hugs us! Not just a quick whimpy hug. It's an all out squeeze hug that just radiates kindness, care, and love. 

Anybody that knows me, knows I am NOT a hugger by any means, but after only meeting and seeing her a couple of times I knew right away that her heart is the kindest and loving as they come.  This jar of hugs is just a small way of letting her know how much we appreciate her in our lives and we are truly blessed that God gave us the opportunity to know her! 

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