Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 21 Acts 22 & 23

Two acts today! The end of the month is quickly approaching it's time to kick these acts into high gear! 

 In the last year my family and I have decided to take on a more responsible approach with our finances to be better stewards of what we have been blessed with. This means everything we buy and how much we spend and save is pre-determined on a budget basis.  Most commonly known as the Dave Ramsey plan! HIGHLY recommend it for anyone that is looking for a common sense approach to finances. 

Today was grocery shopping day for Allie and I. To make our weekly grocery money stretch, I quickly discovered that our dollars go the furthest at the no frills grocery stores. One of those is Fareway, (see day 13 act 15 post), the other is Aldi. 

One of the ways they keep costs down is to make you "pay" for your shopping cart. You insert .25 to unlock the cart. When you are done shopping you simply return the cart and you get your quarter back. End result, carts are neatly stacked in their place and not strewn about in the parking lot. It totally works! 

Today Allie and I decided it would be nice to put some quarters in a few carts to surprise our fellow shoppers. 

Today's second act was to bring a little bit of happiness to our friend Connor. He is a little boy in our neighborhood that loves to come over and play in our yard whenever possible. He really loves Allie and pretty sure she feels the same about him. 

He has been under the weather for the last few days, so we wanted to make him feel better by bringing him a few surprises. Hopefully it cheered him up and he will be over at our house playing real soon! 

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