Saturday, July 6, 2013

Days 5 & 6 Acts 6 & 7

Fell behind with my posting yesterday so doubling up today. 

Yesterday was day 5 act 6. It was a busy day because we celebrated Andrew's 11th birthday. We had some of our family, who were over for an afternoon BBQ. It was another fun day for us over this holiday weekend. 

The Act of kindness for yesterday was Scratch cupcakes for the neighbors, Jen and Aaron. (Not the same neighbors from day two, but different ones that we are equally thankful for!)

We appreciate the interaction they have with our kids.  Every time Jen sees Allie she graces her with a big hug which Allie just loves. It is very cute. Aaron is always good about taking interest in Andrew's activities, baseball games and school. 

They are expecting their first child in September, we cannot wait and welcome their daughter to the neighborhood! 

Today was day 6 act 7.  The Act of kindness for today was for our feline and canine friends. The kids and I had fun making cat and dog treats for the ARL (Animal Rescue League). We were able to use a recipe from their website. It was super easy and fun too. 

As they were baking and the aroma filled the kitchen, our cat Kona became very interested in what was going on.  She was sitting by oven and meowing and wanting a treat. Hopefully this means the ARL dogs and cats will like them. 

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  1. haha, I love that Kona has her own step stool! Great stories you have been posting!