Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 17 Act 19

Did you notice? No act of kindness on day 16?? Unfortunately I was unable to perform an act of kindness yesterday due to circumstances of my day. 

Back at it today though! With the help of my sister, (who is awesome at helping) we hopefully made two children's day a little brighter. 

We decided to buy a couple of small gifts and dropped them off at the hospital in the pediatric in patient unit. It was super easy and highly recommend doing it, if you ever have the chance. 

We simply just dropped the gifts off at the nurse's station and asked that they be delivered to a boy and a girl that could use some cheer. 

The nurse said that they often let balloons find the kid. They usually just leave them on their desk, and when the right "match" comes along they will stop and look at it with awe and amazement. That's when they know that ballon has found a home. Love that!! :-)

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