Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 3 Act 4

Today's act of kindness is a small way to honor my dad, brother and the all of the firefighters that make a difference through their selfless acts. 

 This time Allie, my 4 year old daughter, got in on the action! She and I made cookies and took them to the fire station. She was so excited and more than willing to help out! 

I received insight from my brother, on what would for sure make them smile.  He gave me the idea of also taking ice cream treats. So that's what we did! 

When we arrived, I knocked on the door where a group of them were standing. A gentlemen opened the door and with a cautious, but very professional manner asked what I needed while the others just stood back and waited for my response. When I explained we were there to drop off treats, funny how quickly their ears perked up and about a 1/2 dozen of them came dashing over to the door to check it out. :-) 

Two of them were nice enough to pose for a picture. Allie was a little shy and afraid to stand next to them, but she agreed to a semi-smile from afar. 

Thank you to all of the firefighters that are making a difference each day! Stay safe and God Bless! 

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