Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 4 Act 5

Happy 4th of July!! It's a great day to celebrate with friends and family. This day is extra special to us because it is also our son's birthday! He always has fireworks on his birthday. Lucky guy!

We are so happy this year to have Grandpa Fred in town. He took the train all the way from California to celebrate Andrew turning 11. We always love it when he comes to town, and wish we could stop time because it goes way too fast when he is here. 

Today's act of kindness happened while waiting for fireworks to start. Andrew and I handed out a handful glow sticks to other kids that were waiting patiently for the "show" to start.  Once again he was a great helper on our quest for smiles! 

We even left a few on some empty chairs.

 The highlight of this act was meeting and talking to a lady that was sitting nearby  by herself. She and her husband recently moved to DSM because of a job relocation. She was very nice and interesting to talk to. I always enjoy talking to people and learning about their "story". 

Although today started out less than desirable because our birthday boy woke up sick. By noon he was feeling much better and our day started to perk up a bit. We had a visit from Grandma Grandpa Hanke which involved conversation, apple pie and cake. Then we ended the day with glow sticks and smiles. Not a bad way to end the day. 

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